Humans & Water, Pt. 2: Who Deserves Water?

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Humans & Water, Pt. 2: Who Deserves Water?

Equity and justice for all are important water rights issues, and my two guests this month delve into these serious humanizing topics with eloquence. Dr. Josiah Heyman is an anthropologist at the University of Texas at El Paso studying water and other human rights issues on the border of the US and Mexico. Anuradha Kowtha is a scientist and transformation specialist whose work is dedicated to restorative justice among the most marginalized people groups. Their perspectives on introducing the human element into scientific solutions can help stakeholders make better sense of future water solutions.

Running time: 27:36
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Dr. Josiah Heyman’s UTEP web site
Learn more about Anuradha Kowtha’s company, Manifest by Design


Humans & Water, Part 1: Water Quality and Public Health

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Humans & Water, Part 1: Water Quality and Public Health

I spoke with two scientists working on public health issues on the US-Mexico border, Dr. Bill Hargrove and Michelle Del Rio, both of the University of Texas at El Paso. This is the first in a three-part series on the human impact of water.

Running time: 25:34
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Episode 2, February 28, 2018 Atmospheric Rivers, Weather, and Climate

The second episode is live!

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Episode 2.28.18 – Atmospheric Rivers, Weather, and Climate

The second episode introduces listeners to the idea of atmospheric rivers, as well as two other important topics: how weather and climate are different from one another, and how water and climate are related. I spoke with Dr. Cory Baggett, a post-doctoral fellow at Colorado State Univerity, and Dr. Dave Dubois, the New Mexico State Climatologist.

Running time: 27.32
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The Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes
Barnes Research Group
Press release on atmospheric river research
NOAA’s atmospheric river page
Real-time monitoring of the Madden-Julian Oscillation at the Climate Prediction Center
The US Drought Monitor

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Episode 1, January 29, 2018 Pilot: Fossils, Gravity, & Aquifers

Here it is, the podcast we’ve all been waiting for!
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Episode 1.29.18 – Pilot: Fossils, Gravity and Aquifers

 This first episode introduces The SplashCast podcast listeners to Dr. Scott Jasechko and Dr. Sasha Richey, two scientists using big data to find out all kinds of interesting things about groundwater. Humans on the Street answer questions, and I mull a bit about how interesting all these water things are.


Running time: 22.29
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The SplashCast Podcast has a new look!

I’m thrilled to announce that we are going live in the next few days by first announcing the creation of our logo. Huge kudos to my artist, Timothy Brian Burns, who owns Kuroverse Corporation. You can find him here on his Facebook page.

splashcast logo web small

Get ready, because the first audio file will be up by January 20th. Follow the blog to get info on posts, where we’ll set up for you to subscribe, occasional blogs on water topics, info on the folks I’m talking to and the great business people who are helping me, and more.

Have an issue you’d like me to explore? Comment on any blog post at any time and let me know what you think I should cover.

Story idea thread

I’m just gonna leave this here. Help me brainstorm and come up with story ideas. Some thoughts:

Water controversies throughout the Southwest (or anywhere you might be interested)

NM/TX Supreme Court case

How much water is in our bodies, how it changes, what it’s there for, how we do right by ourselves water-wise

Using gravity to measure water (this is going to be in episode 1)

Water as an element of dreams

Water and colonialism

Is water really a commodity? How water eludes traditional economics

Water as a common pool resource and what that means for the future

Water and justice

Give me more!! Comment below with your thoughts.

Getting an act together

If you have joined the blog, then you’ll likely be looking for an update on the first episode. I am still hoping to publish by Saturday, but may have to put it off a day or two. I am open to suggestions, however: those of you who are serious podcast fans, does it matter what day of the week an episode drops? Do you think some days are better than others? Are weekends good or bad for catching up on your podcasts?

I would love recommendations for ideas. Please comment with your ideas on any blog post or page!

More love for my great artist friend, Timothy Bryan Burns. Visit his company, Kuroverse, here.


Coming soon!!